About Us

We provide moms and their babies with resources to enhance both physical and emotional development.
Whether you're expecting, recently had your baby, or are a second time mom, motherhood isn't easy. But just because it isn't easy doesn't mean you have to go through it alone. Chances are there are other moms experiencing similar things that you are.

Meet Our Founder

Ashley Seling- Owner and Mom

Somewhere along the way of becoming a mom I found a deep passion for connecting with moms and their babies. After my son was born, I realized I didn't have any "mom support." I quickly learned I needed to surround myself with other moms that I could be myself around; where I wasn't concerned if my son started crying in the middle of a conversation.


I was inspired to create Mama Bear Club to provide moms with the feeling that they aren't alone in motherhood. Resolving nursing, sleeping, and developmental challenges with other moms input is extremely inspiring and uplifting. With that, I believe it is critical for moms to have a safe place to relate to other moms with similar aged babies. Mama Bear Club is here to support moms and their babies through the highs, lows, and everything in between throughout their journey of motherhood. 

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Meet Our Experts

Yolanda Fortin, Ph.D, IBCLC

In my former life, I was a PhD neuroscientist. And then I became a Mother. I was bitten by "the bug" a long time before I actually pursued my lactation education and doula training. As in all life journeys, it took me a while to recognize that nagging "bug" was my passion for helping Mothers and their babies achieve whatever goals THEY want to achieve. Life is hard and being a mother is harder still....sometimes we just need support that comes without judgement. I am here to offer if you need me. Along with some love.....free of charge.

​Marissa Zwetow, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, ​Owner of Postpartum Happiness

Marissa became passionate about helping mothers to both prepare and adjust to a new baby after experiencing postpartum depression and understanding what it takes to be on a healing journey to find acceptance, meaning, and happiness in the role of motherhood.


Marissa is highly trained in perinatal mood disorders as well as having firsthand experience healing from her own postpartum depression. Marissa has a private practice in Laguna Hills, but also conducts sessions over the phone or video and is often a guest speaker with Mama Bear Club sharing her experiences and wisdom with other mamas. 

Cassandra Moore, Licensed Marital & Family Therapist & Child/Adolescent Specialist

Cassandra is a LMFT who discovered her passion for working with children and families while providing psychotherapy at a non-profit serving at risk children and families.  From there it became Cassandra’s interest and desire to help parents “un-code” their child’s behavior and find healthy and fun ways to both connect and get their children’s behavior on track. 

Cassandra is assistant director of The Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Institute of Southern California, a private practice in Newport Beach helping families with children as young as 12 months.  With extensive training and certification in PCIT as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, she also treats adolescents and adults with a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders including ADHD, depression & anxiety.

www.pcitinstituteofsocal.com – 12months- 8 years old www.cbtiofsocal.com – Adolescents & Adults

Dr. Cherish Leung, DMD, MHA, MPH, Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Cherish Leung grew up around her many younger siblings and cousins, and throughout her life has been surrounded by children! She loves working with kids and patients with special needs. She is extremely fortunate that her passion for working with kids and her love of dentistry can be combined and allow her to help patients in a unique way daily.


Dr. Cherish graduated undergrad from UCLA, and went on to earn two Masters degrees—one in Healthcare Administration and one in Public Health with an emphasis on dentistry. She then attended dental school at Western University of Health Sciences, graduating with honors, and being elected to the Omicron Kappa Upsilon honor society. She then moved to New York for general practice residency, where she worked with mostly patients with special needs. She decided New York provided fantastic training in pediatric dentistry and was fortunate to be able to stay for two more years, training at Northwell Health Hofstra School of Medicine Staten Island University Hospital. She worked for a year in Long Island, NY in private practice seeing pediatric patients before moving back to California.


Dr. Cherish loves the sunshine and outdoors, enjoying hiking, walking and running in her free time. She also loves deep sea and river fishing, but refuses to eat any seafood. She is the proud new mama of her cute son, Valor. 

Rebecca Nazzal Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

I am a wife of 7 years, a mother of 4 years (with 2 children) and a Sleep Sense Consultant for about 4 years now. I was born in San Diego and have enjoyed all my life in Southern California – settling in South Orange County – where I met my husband, made lifelong friendships and attended school. In addition to my Sleep certification, I have also earned 2 degrees in psychology (undergrad and masters) and spent many many years working closely with families through the school district. Hobbies include anything that lets me be creative – such as painting, dancing, crafting, etc. – as well as relaxing with crossword puzzles or word games. While I always envisioned my lifelong career being a school psychologist, once I became a mom I realized that was no longer where I belonged. 

All of my experiences, and my passion to help children succeed, led me to start my business and focus on helping families with their sleep. I work hard to ensure that every family I work with has a sleep plan and process that is specific to their needs. While I have my “tried and true” tools that work, I make sure to stay flexible in order to ensure that each family is able to meet their sleep goals in a way that is comfortable to them. I really just want to give everyone the sleep that they need and deserve. 

Erin Piccola, MSTOM, L.Ac., Dipl.OM Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Nutritional Expert

Erin Piccola is a Board Certified Acupuncturist, licensed at both the National and California state levels. Erin’s desire to practice medicine began at an early age. As a high school athlete and a dancer, she wanted to find a way to help people overcome injuries and illness in order to live healthy, active lives. She graduated as the Valedictorian of her high school class and headed off to study Neuroscience at Colgate University. Four years later, Erin left Colgate with a Bachelor’s of Science, Magna Cum Laude honors, and a passion for integrative medicine. She was accepted into the Masters program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and began her 4 year training program in acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and biomedicine. Upon graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors, Erin traveled to Chengdu, China to study and train at one of the largest Chinese Medical hospitals in the world. Erin’s professional internship experience includes rotations in Sports Medicine, Gynecology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Cardiology, and Respiratory illness.

Erin runs a family practice, treating patients from age 2 to age 92 for a variety of ailments. She specializes in the treatment of chronic illness, musculoskeletal pain, infertility, allergies, and headaches. She also focuses on preventative medicine to improve and maintain health and well-being for all of her patients. Erin’s medical philosophy emphasizes the integration and cooperation of modern science and traditional remedies in order to optimize patient results.

Dr. Vivi- Pediatrician

Dr. Aviva Alyeshmerni, known by her patients as Dr. Vivi, graduated with honors in Biological Sciences from Stanford University in 1998. Dr. Vivi continued to pursue her Master of Science at Stanford while conducting research at the Stanford Medical School.  She spent two years teaching AP Biology and coaching Cross Country Running at Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, California. In 2005, Dr. Vivi graduated from New York University’s affiliated medical school program at Tel Aviv University, Israel. After returning to the University of California, Irvine, to complete her Pediatric Residency, she spent six months working and carrying out research at the Orthopedic Surgical Hospital of Los Angeles. Since 2009, while working in Orange County, Dr. Vivi has been applying her experience in Sports Medicine as she pursues her passion for Pediatrics. 

Dr. Vivi believes there is immeasurable value in helping children take an interest in their own health, helping them understand the implications of their decisions and creating achievable short term and long term goals.  Nurturing a close relationship with each and every patient allows her to support families as they take steps toward a lifetime of health.

Natalie Bailey- Birth Doula | Yoga Instructor Placenta Encapsulation | Baby Sign Language

Teaching has always been a part of who I am — from setting up my childhood home garage as a classroom to teaching middle school for 5 years, I feel most comfortable when being of service through offering education and inspiration! As an educator, yoga instructor and birth doula, I have found that communication is essential for genuine connection and a deeper bond with others. And the earlier this communication is established, the better! 

The use of baby sign language in any family helps cultivate trust, alleviate frustration, and build confidence. My favorite part of using sign language with my children and students is watching their eyes light up when they realize they are genuinely connected to someone and know their needs/wants are being met! Studies also show that those children who use sign language from a young age have a broader vocabulary, speak in more complex sentences, and even have a higher IQ than those who do not. 

I am currently teaching classes in Huntington Beach and will be expanding to other Central and South Orange County locations fall 2017. 

Jennifer McNeil – Photographer

Jennifer McNeil is a professional photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn photography in Orange County.  Since beginning her journey into professional photography in 2005, Jennifer McNeil has helped thousands of families tell their story through the portrait sessions they share together. While she is often referred to as the “baby whisperer.” Jenn also enjoys working with children and families of all ages.


Whether elegant posed settings or casual romps spilling over with laughter, these maternity, newborn and family portraits capture what’s important to her clients. They also reflect what’s most important to Jennifer: family.  Jennifer has been professionally recognized for outstanding themed photos and expertise in the field. She has recently completed the inaugural Belly Baby and Beyond workshop – a premier international photographers conference.

In addition to photographing families in Orange County, Jennifer enjoys educating parents and aspiring photographers.  Every new parent is excited to take photos of their new babe and with helpful tips and tricks, it can become a fun and easy endeavor!

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