Break out of your mom shell and gain valuable connection with other moms in 7 days or less.

You feel lonely and isolated even though you know this "should" be the happiest time of your life. Things don't look how you thought they would and you feel sad. You scroll through Facebook mom groups, but you feel judged and worry about expressing yourself. You are unsure of how to actually make new friends. You worry about being judged by other moms because you feel like you aren't doing it "right." 

Imagine having a safe place to connect with other moms that are craving connection just like you. You feel relieved and can take a deep breath. You start to resemble the "you" you once were. You feel more fulfilled and are ultimately a happier mom and person! Click register below and join our class session. We can't wait to get to know you!

Class Begins the Week of January 13 

Registration Ends January 6 at 12 am PST

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What will you


from this class?



Get loved on and supported by other moms that are experiencing the same struggles that you are!


Feel happier and more fulfilled knowing you aren't alone!


Gain meaningful friendships in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


I want ALL of this so...


Learn mom hacks and practical mom life tips.

Find compassion for yourself and connect to yourself outside of being a mom.

What does this class consist of?


  • 4 Week Session With Weekly 60 Minute Conference Class Designed for Mom With Baby's 1 Year Old And Younger ($497 Value)
  • One 1-1 Call Over the Course of the Session With Ashley, the Facilitator ($250 Value)

  • A Private Facebook Group Page to Ask Questions Between Classes ($197 Value)

  • BONUS: Exclusive Small Class Size: 12 Women Max Priceless Value

  • BONUS: Building Connection With Other Moms Priceless Value

  • BONUS: Classes Are Scheduled According to Group Availability & Will Be Recorded For Your Convenience Priceless Value  

Total Class Value: ​$944

All You Pay Is $127!

Hey Mama!

I'm Ashley Seling  

Educator, Big Dreamer, Serial Over-sleeper

I'm married to my first love and a mom to two high-energy young boys. I'm obsessed with helping moms embrace the joy and imperfection of motherhood and marriage. I've invested more than $100k in my own continuing professional and personal education. I've condensed my knowledge and experiences from being a mom of two children to teach you everything in a matter of weeks instead the years and money it took me to learn it. ​

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can anyone join this class? What is the criteria for joining the group?

No, only authentic moms ready to support and love on other moms! Women with a great attitude; no judgmental or catty women.  


Q: Who is this class designed for?

Moms with baby's one year old and younger, but all moms are welcome.

Q: Will this class be offered again?

This class will be offered monthly. Register early. Space is limited and classes are expected to fill fast.

Q: Why is this class online?

Being online makes it simple for you; leave baby bundled up at home where they're comfortable in their own environment. It also takes away the anxiety of getting out of the house with a new baby. You'll be able to get the connection you crave in the comfort of your home.

Q: What if I need to miss a class?

No problem! Over the course of the session, participants receive two one-on-one calls. Classes are also recorded so you can refer back to important class content. 

Q: How does scheduling work?

We will find the best time possible for all attendees! Prior to the start of the session, participants submit preferred day and time choices. 

Q: What if I'm on the fence? 

Honor the part of you that wants to grow and connect with other women. You won't regret joining, but you might regret if you don't join the class! Submit your information so we can talk more in depth with you to make sure it's a good fit. Plus, what do you have to lose with our Money Back Guarantee after the session ends?


Q: What does the call/zoom look like?

We will meet through a Zoom conference call which is like Skype. We'll have a guided conversational topic that helps you connect with yourself and bond with other moms. You won't have to worry about changing baby's schedule to attend an in person class!

Registration Closes in...

Class Begins the Week of January 13 

Registration Ends January 6 at 12 am PST

Create the quality of life in motherhood you desire. Find the confidence, peace, & friendships you need.  

REST ASSURED- Money Back Guarantee

You probably already know this, but the more you participate, the more value you'll get out of the session! Our passion is for you to live your best mom life with confidence. If for some reason after attending the 4-week session you don't find it valuable to your life, then you can receive a refund.

What Does Our Zoom Class Look Like?? Attend Class From Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet!